You have to give application for taking leave...?

@siliguri (4224)
March 17, 2010 7:28am CST
Hello, friends.. In your office or in your is mandatory to give the application before taking leave...or.if you had taken leave without any leave application..Then your boss or your principal takes action against you...? In my is compulsory..If one takes the leave without prior permission..then principal ask to bring out their parents in the school...What your story my friends...?
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• India
4 Apr 10
Yes every where it is except for daily wage earners, they need to inform if possible, in government or private job if you don't take leave you may be penalized... Thanks for this nice post, cheers Sorry for the late response. Happy easter Prof
@phoenix8606 (4978)
17 Mar 10
hell0! yep, in my country it is the same at school. the students are not allowed to leave the building and even the lessons without a permission from a teacher or from the principal and if someone does it, then the principal calls his/hers parents to give him/her an explanation, why is their child not at school and why did he/she left without leaving an application! the students gets also a notice in his/her student's book for an absence from school!
@myfb2009 (8304)
• Malaysia
17 Mar 10
Well, it's compulsory to apply leave first before we decide to take leave in my ex-companies that i ever worked. We only have 4 days special leave, which we called them "emergency leave", where we take leave without prior notice to the boss. As for that leave, we must give a call to our company, before 12 noon to explain the reason why we need to take "emergency leave" on that day. If we didn't call on that "emergency leave" day, the boss will deduct 2 leave days to compensate for that 1 day "emergency leave". I am not sure whether every company have this "emergency leave" in their leave section.
@basqui (3890)
• Philippines
17 Mar 10
i work in a school too, and the principal requires form 6 which is the application for leave when we take absences. if we don't apply for that then we have to pay certain amounts to be added to the funds of the teachers coop.