Hes Got the POWER.....HE will be back in April!!! UP TIGER WOODS!!!

Tiger Woods, Tiger got the POWER!, Hes back  - Tiger Woods = Golf, Woods back,
@davido (1623)
March 17, 2010 7:30am CST
Yes am happy for this guy he will be back in April....Paparazi, haters, bite the DUST! I hope he does not messes up again...rite?
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@reckon21 (3487)
• Philippines
17 Apr 10
Tiger Woods is really a brilliant and talented golfer. He just been facing a tough times nowadays because of his many mistresses. It must be hard for his wife and his children to face the worst controversy in their lives. Tiger Woods just make a mistake and the good thing is that he is willing to change his life for the better just for the sake of his entire family. Celebrity are famous people but if they made mistakes people will get frenzy and feast on the scandal. Everybody made mistake and we must give others a chance to rectify the wrong doings and start all over again. Everybody deserves a second chance.