Does this cost money?

March 17, 2010 7:02pm CST
My friend is going to Europe for a semester and we were hoping to keep communicated through skype. But does it cost money? If so how much? Im not even sure how to make an account.
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@Mike4me (567)
• Philippines
18 Mar 10
Its totally free except if you wanna call from PC to mobile. If you wanna communicate with her, you can actually use a lot of applications that offers VOIP, and calling from PC to mobile is free. I even use some of them to call my husband abroad.
• China
18 Mar 10
hi may i know what the VOIP? is it a software like skype...or other things... thanx
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
10 Aug 10
Well communicating via chat doesnot cost while through phone it does but with a nominal pay..
@youless (92401)
• Guangzhou, China
16 Apr 10
If you want to make PC-PC call by Skype, of course it is free of charge. Because it works as well as other online chatting software, such as MSN, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and so on. If you want to make a PC-phone call, then it will have some charges. However, the charge is low in my opinion. You can just go to Skype website to download this software. Then register it and you can use it right away. It is easy. I love China
@raynejasper (2326)
• Philippines
18 Mar 10
..hi.. I've been using skype.. its just like YM that you send and receive chats.. you can also call the person and talk through the headset.. its free.. however, I think if you use skype to call a telephone or mobile number, that's the one that cost you a penny.. but if you communicate via computer to computer, its totally free.. just go to the skype site and sign up..