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@de_toya (2434)
March 18, 2010 2:25am CST
I heard about from my friend but he didn't explain what is it about. He just told me that is similar with So, I think I have to write review about product and rates others reviews as much as possible. I try to visit the website today but I can't access the web. There are problem with their internal database. I also try to find similar discussion here in mylot subjected with bukisa using RSS but I don't find the information taht I need. If someone here know and have been joining, please explain to me here. For the best respond, I would be glad to be your referral. Thank you.
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18 Mar 10
Hi there! I am not familiar with as such I cannot tell you if there's similarity with it to Bukisa. I think Bukisa is much more the same sa ehow it's just that you do not have to write article on how to basis. Just a plain article will do as they have more categories to choose from. Your earnings will be based on unique views that you will get from your article thus, the more article you submit, the more unique views you will probably get. Those unique views will be converted into $ based on their published Bukisa index. I am not sure though how there determined that index. You can also earn from your referral's earning. I am not a pro on this site as I just joined late last year and so far just submitted 2 articles todate. Hope I had assist you to clarify your queries. Will be glad if you can join under me on that site. Happy mylotting!
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18 Mar 10
bukisa is a good place to earn money by sharing you knowledge with friends, family members and others. you have to write article on various topic. you can submit audio and slide also. when others will view your article you will earn money.