Doctors Receiving Gifts From Pharma Companies and writing their product

@Naxous (974)
March 18, 2010 6:33am CST
There are lots and lots of doctors who receive gifts ranging from Colour TVs to all expenses paid foreign trips from pharma companies..the multinational companies goes to any extent to promote their brand and enable them to have a market share..the doctors don't care about the ethics and they shamelessly accept all these gifts..especially all those doctors who are in the trade,they have flourishing private practice are the number one targets of the pharma majors..However, according to the guideline the doctors are expected to write the generic name of the drug and it is up to the patient to buy a drug with the similar composition from a retail store or pharmacy..the doctors are prescribing the names of the drugs that are to be taken and thereby they are limiting the choice of the patient..even if the price of the drug prescribed by the doctor is high the patient will have to buy it as there is np pther alternative..Don't you think that it is time that the Medical Council makes it mandatory to presribe the generic name of drugs and not the brand name?Give your suggestions freely.
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