Feel pity for animals

@dhawanbm (3705)
March 18, 2010 6:49am CST
I think there are very little people accross the globe who, Feel pity for animals. Most of the times we have stray dogs and cats, cattle in pitiable conditions lying or roaming on the road, but no one to care, but rather they give injuries to them, its really pathetic conditions of the animals on roads!
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• United States
18 Mar 10
I believe that there are many people who care about animals and i also believe that there are only a few animals in the world that are in a bad condition.
• Philippines
19 Mar 10
Hi! I agree.. majority of people can be cruel and brutal to animals and because of that i therefore believe that they should be punished! watching videos about cruelty to animals can drop me down and cry how sad that life can be soooo unfair to them? I hate it when strangers does not have any you know soft spot to animals there just thinking about themselves! boyfriend, money, party, crave for meat more meat go! eat your fat..If i only have a power I will lend my hands to animals than to humans!