Death is not The End

March 18, 2010 8:46am CST
I have a good friend in Canada.She wrote to me and told she was ill. I feel sad because I don't know what I can help. I also think about the Death. I love my friend,but I also believe the Death is not The End. The belowing is my letter to my good friend, I want to express that happy up in every day and the death is not the end. "Crying is the first way when we come to this world, it means we need to face all,no matter the good things ore the bad things.God just wants us to know what is the thanksgiving, and optimistic by the way.In fact, the death is not terrible, evey one will meet it on one day. And this day is also the right time the people go to answer the god, also they will be the angels. So please do not be sad for the death. Happy up, let your friends feel your love and your happiness again. My dear friend, more happy in every day. Please remember that the death is not the end. We have many many friends, although they died, they still live in our heart, they smile in another world, and still hope we can be happy to pass every day. My dear friend, you are a good mother, my good good friend. We hope you can be happy and healthy. The sun is brand new in every morning,please enjoy the beautiful the sunshine, and we are around you forever."
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