Why do you become Jesus believer or Christian?

March 18, 2010 8:31pm CST
The bible say that He already chose me before even I born in this world, and I believe it because salvation is not something that we can get but something that He give to me for free because of His mercy and love to me. In my life, I already did many bad things in the past, but eventually He always give me a chance to redeem my sin and become His son. Do you have something in common? Let's share it. GOD BLESS YOU
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@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
19 Mar 10
Faith in Christ is easy to obtain and it depends on your desire to know Him. You also have to ask in prayer if He is really God and you have to do it with a sincere heart and a contrite spirit. Having faith in God is like believing in the air that we breath. We cant see but we know its there. Faith is also more than just believing, faith is also working out for what you believe in. You can nourish your faith by praying always, reading the scriptures, service and keeping the commandments of God.
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• Indonesia
19 Mar 10
Yes, I agree with you. Faith is more than just believing, but you will have faith if you do not believe it first.
22 Mar 10
Faith is the gift of God, but we have to want it and God gives. It's not just believing, but knowing
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@magtibaygom (4865)
• Philippines
22 Mar 10
I don't want to offend other religions, but the reason why I am a Christian and a believer of Christ is, it is the most logical of all religions. The doctrines of Christianity and Jesus is easier to believe than the doctrines and superstitions of other religions.
22 Mar 10
The thing is, many people believe in God, and we all know we do wrong things. Religion is us trying to get to God with sin or trying to get rid of our own sin, but Jesus is God taking away our sin. There's only one Saviour, and hence only one way to God...
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@lesfery (79)
• Philippines
2 Jul 10
Ever since i been a believer of Jesus even though I am a catholic at that time, but it was only late January last year when i truly understand what God is doing in my life, at that moment my father is being confined in a hospital fighting for his life and being in the same situation every year makes us crumble and at that time i totally surrender to God leaving Him everything..as I said God we surrender to Your will. From then on I became a christian though i was in the process of baptism yet my sister in Christ told me believing that Jesus Christ save you from your sin makes you a Christian. Godbless
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
1 Jul 10
Its just the belief and love towards Jesus
@jrocas05 (114)
• Philippines
11 Apr 10
I have been a christian all my life and I became a believer not only because I grew up surrounded by such culture but also I feel him in my life. I have been too mnay struggles and I know someone out there protected me to get through all that because It is impossible to overcome all that without someone looking over me.
@atv818 (1988)
• United Arab Emirates
1 Apr 10
I grew up in a family who believes in Jesus Christ and I became a believer myself. Just like you, I had committed a lot of not so good things in the past and I thank God and Jesus Christ for forgiving me. It's hard not to commit sins but I will do the best that I can to be good.