Sleep paralysis in a worse state: Open minded People with sggestions please!

Rothesay, New Brunswick
March 19, 2010 3:48am CST
I need a little help from some open minded people. Now I know the scientific explaination for dream Paralysis I alsoknow however anyone who has ever had the actual Paralysis will agree that the scientific explaination is complete BS. Anyone who has had it knows what I mean when I say the creepy voice. Heres the thing... I have suffered from this may times in my life, and I will never ever foreget that voice. I was on the phone with a friend, who was really tired. And suffered from it while I was on the phone. I heard the creepy voice over the phone before I hung up. It was that same voice I have heard many many times. Later this friend has told me that, his comes while he is still awake. He actualy sees it well everything but the face. But only actually bothers him, when hs really tired. Since I have heard the thing in late hours while talking on the phone to him saying "go to sleep" Im not sure if he heard it and just ignored it or not. He is terrified of the thing and I don't blame him, I hate it when it comes to me as well, it just be worse for him to actually SEE it. I have looked into many mythical beings from the sand man to he boogeyman nothing seems to fit. I kno their is away to fight this off if we knew what were fighting. I have scared this thing off twice, breakin out of the "trance" like froze state. Once by screaming god's prayer in my head and another time screaming how much I love my boyfriend. I told him to do this problem is he is so scared of it its still winning. And I find the biggest point to do to face it head on is to not be afraid of it. Can anyone think of what this thing might be? I really do not believe it is just what the Scientific reason says since I even heard it while I was on the phone with him. If its really in our heads like a dream then how can another hear it too?
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• United States
28 Mar 10
You asked for OPEN MINDED responders... then, YOU MUST be Open Minded ALSO! I'm not kidding. For, you may be dealing with something beyond, what the world pigeonholes as 'normal'. My first response is, that maybe, just maybe your paralysis is a reaction to fear. If it isn't fear, then put a name to it. The world is completely filled with positive and negative influences. the world operates with magnetic poles...negative and positive. all things, according to science are made of positively and negatively charged Ions that make their nuclei work and everything in the world is made of these things...INCLUDING us. Being 'open minded', wouldn't it be reasonable to think then that anything we do, say or even think, especially in dwelling upon thought(s)((dwelling includes worrying...the negative AND its opposite)) has positive and negative reactions? I believe in a point, and that's about all I have to say about the positive side. I believe in a point... so, If you are negative in your thinking of the things you see/hear, and especially very negative to the point of responding to the things you see/hear (no matter how simple the thing is or how simple the response maybe) in a negative manner, then more 'negativism' should be expected. The same should be expected for positive thinking and reacting. You are leaving everybody in the dark with this 'question'. For an accurate response to what you are asking for, we'd need to know everything about you..but I do believe you are stepping into the spiritual side of the world. You haven't left many avenues to explore...try this: Start by categorizing EVERYTHING about yourself,down to the minuscule details seriously! (careful, you might learn sum'm 'bout yourself)...the way you think about everything you see/hear/feel and especially verbal responses. Leave yourself plenty of time (days, weeks, months) to accomplish took a long time to get where you are so, don't expect to 'cure' yourself in a day or two. now put your findings into two categories. Label them sum'm to the effect of light and dark...white and black or even just positive and negative. If this problem is due to the negativity you allow in your daily minute to minute thinking/living, then try replacing negative thinking with positive thinking/physical reactions (such as speech/verbal). Think of science and prophecy. Science is what it is for the act of trial and error...something was tried and retried until it was explains the physical side of cannot explain All of what we feel(feelings), see and hear or why. Prophecy explains that which science can't AND, its 'sidekick' is spiritualism. Science is/was a 'learned/practiced' thing/subject. Prophecy is the same especially when laced with creationism. It/they must be studied and practiced to be understood. So, it may be that you need to study that of which cannot be understood without keeping an OPEN mind. It sounds as though you MAY be experiencing a dark/negative side to the spiritual realm. My opinion is that you need to learn of the spiritual world in order to deal with them/it. Both the Light and dark... the positive and negative. Then again, you may want just to seek professional help. Good Luck!
• Rothesay, New Brunswick
29 Mar 10
Thank you and yes I do believe in many different things. I believe in everything I think its all entertwined together. We have learnt a little more since I made this post it both freaks us out yet amazes us at the same time. Firstly we have looked into both of our pasts. For every bad happening in my life, around the same dates something equally horrible has happened to him. For every good thing that has happened to me something good seems to have happened to him at the same time. We eat sleep and wake always around the same times. We also have the exact same negative feelings, about ourselves etc. We have decided that this can only mean one thing, that we are connected at a much higher source than the earth itself. When he was only and hour away from me and could not get any further, we both felt a very strong pull of energy, that competely shut us down we couldn't even function. Reading up we can only base thethings we have felt on one thing. That being that we are the other half of the other. We have also read that this type of connection has guides usually two one light and one dark. Who kind of battle over the two pieces of the torn soul. Over many life times. This is where the Karma created between the two halves comes from and the can never quiet unite until both have realized the situation, and put their faith in each other and the higher source above them. Oddly, every time this Negative energy comes to one of us at night, something happens to jepradize us, in the days to come. This happens for everyone, its just no one opens their eyes to see it. I can fight it just fine I have no fear of it. We were wondering if anyone knew why it was with both of us. But I think we have it figured out. I do not believe the one he sees all the time is the dark, I think hes the light and I think he constantly stays with him because, willfully he is the weaker of us.