Have you ever had a moment of heart broken?Do you still the person who made you?

Guangzhou, China
March 19, 2010 8:36pm CST
Hi my friends , have you ever had a moment of heart broken? If does,Do you still remember that moment? Can you still recall the person who had ever hurt you so much? I think you must OK now? As far as I am concerned, I think I have that kind of experience to have my heart broken ,which is so hurt at that time. I can still remember that the moment is just about my girl friend say good bye to me. I think I can not bear the thing happen to me. My heart broken stays for so long a time. At that time, I thinkI can not live without her,which makes me so unfortable. What about you? Have you ever had this moment?
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• Philippines
20 Mar 10
I remember when me and my dad had an argument about something. I kept proving myself right until he made a slight slap to my head. It broke my heart and made me humble. He was correct and that's the kind of discipline that a parent must do. It depends on the age of the children. I am old now so my punishment was of the right strength. About your girlfriend I think she may return if you become a better boy. You only have to impress her.
• Guangzhou, China
20 Mar 10
As far as I am concerned,I think you may say the point, I just need try my best to impress her. I think I needtry my best to be a better boy. Thank you so much. Have a nice day.
@pumared (515)
• Bulgaria
5 May 10
yes i have.
@engrdng06 (248)
• Japan
28 Mar 10
Honestly speaking, with my relationship now, this is the most heartbreaking I have felt maybe because Ive never been into this level of relationship unlike before. During the times that this relationship is on the rocks, I feel like killing myself which I never feel doing with my relationships before. I dont know why. Maybe because I have love him so much that everything, I have accepted and everything I have given.
@edorms36 (267)
• United Arab Emirates
21 Mar 10
A moment like this? I will never ever forget until maybe I breathed my last. The pain of having a broken hurt is just so unbearable, most specially if the love you had given is true and the purest kind, the failure of such a relationship will be so devastating you will be left wondering if you are wortless as a person, betrayed by the one you had given your trust and confidence, the person whom you thought is the other half of your heart that will complete and make yours whole, when it will be this same half who will tear it into pieces. Once these have happened, it will never be whole again... even as time passed by... the scars will still be there and the pain lingers on.
• United States
20 Mar 10
I have had my heart broken many times. They do mend but i don't think u ever forget who breaks your heart.