how to care for a pointsettia? am i watering too much?

United States
March 19, 2010 10:15pm CST
Good evening~ I have a couple of pointsettias that have done well this year. They are still even red. But I noticed a couple of yellow leaves yesterday. Am I possibly watering too much and/or too often? Do most people keep their pointsettias going all year? I know you're supposed to hide them for a couple weeks or about a month before Christmas. Is it okay to keep them going during the year otherwise? How do they normally respond to the change of seasons? They have done so well; but I hope I'm not finally killing them! I normally don't keep my pointsettias going all year but am trying to do so this time. I have a plant at work that I've cared for for over a year, and I've been amazed that it has kept going. It looks great! Let me know what your thoughts and tips are for caring for pointsettias throughout the year. Thanks very much! Have a great evening~ thepianoladie, aka, artsyfartsygal
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