Do you still hug and kiss your parents even you are old ?

@jaiho2009 (36793)
March 20, 2010 4:16am CST
hello dear friends,mylotters,mere bhai/s,sister/s, Do you still hug and kiss your parents even if you are old,i mean at your age now? You are also a parent..a mother or a father of your own kids. Do you feel comfortable hugging and kissing your parents? front of your kids? My mom is coming home this March 24,she will spending a month long vacation with us. She is visiting us once a year and,i always missed her. I had kids of my own,and everytime my mom arrives home...welcoming her at the airport gives me so much missing and excitement that,i can't help myself being a child. The moment i saw her emerging from the airport gate...or even seeing her at the screen coming out from the plane walking the ramp...i can't help but jump with my kids in excitement. I wonder how many mylotters feels same way as i do every time you visit or see your parents. I don't care other welcomer at the airport looking at me,what i had in mind is to hug and kiss my mother soon as i touch her. Waiting for your comments and share your feeling too dear friends. Happy weekend every one