how to deal with a fast-developing toddler?

March 20, 2010 5:26am CST
i now have a toddler. my daughter just turned a year old 9 days ago and she seems to be developing so many things in just several days. whereas she used to have tantrums whenever we clean her nose, she now has realized that cleaning her nose from snot will help her to breathe better and thus she allows us to wipe her nose and even aspirate it. additionally, she already wants to use her own spoon. the problem is, her coordination is not yet that well so of course all the food has landed on the floor. but if we dont give her the spoon, she would just scream. how do you deal with a fast developing toddler??? please help me. i am at a loss. take care all and God bless you! :D
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• Malaysia
20 Mar 10
toddlers are fun having around...and yes they develop so quickly in this stage. Well I guess we have to let them experience all the things they want as long as they don't hurt themselves. They are extra naughty but I had fun looking at them as they learn new blowing their first candle, playing in the shower, eat on their own, brush their teeth on their own...etc. Don't mind the mess they make as long as they are learning something :-). Happy mylotting.