How much are we willing to suffer for love?

@jobmoone (442)
March 20, 2010 11:37am CST
If we truly love someone more than our selves, we will not think we must have material possesions to be happy.
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@Bassym (36)
20 Mar 10
If you love some one more than your self and you forget your self on him that the true love ,you can be happy all yoour life and you can live happy all your life by that love ,and even you suffer for that it could be not suffering for htat you enjoy it ,however it can be desaster for some circumstances.
• India
20 Mar 10
ya this is a common case even im suffering from this good thing rite now , because i love my girl more than myself.i think when i was not in love i was before the materialistic pleasure and i used to be behind women all the time to impress them and i used to spend a lot of money on good clothes and other things. but now im in true love i no more do those things. i do want to look good but that is only for my girl i only care about her felling and rest all the world is not for me .
@edorms36 (267)
• United Arab Emirates
20 Mar 10
If one love's truly and deeply then no amount of sacrifice can't be endured. Even if it means of letting go of someone we love, though it hurts so badly; let go we must, because only through letting go we can prove that love.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
20 Mar 10
Yes..I will, but doesnot i wont say thats a suffering. Material possesions is all what we set our mind. When i take my grandparents, who loved each other and their parents throw them out. They dint have anything, but til my grandpa says, if he stayed with his family rich, that would be a machine life. With my grandmom, he says he lived a life. So when we love, we live a life. When we think of material possesions, that says the boundary we have created ourselves and we live within that! Love truly, be happy!