Starcraft 2 Beta

March 20, 2010 2:22pm CST
Hello everybody, As you know, Starcraft2 beta is up and running, so yes, starcraft 2 is nearly finished. There are people who did get beta keys from Blizzard, so they can play on new-gen and test Starcraft2 out. If you didn't get the chance for yourself, I recommend you checking where you can find many highest quality replays of the beta. The commentator himself is a skilled player and explains every step of the game, every unit, structure and all the tactics. HDstarcraft have also started a competition of beta key giveaway, so head out and check it for yourselves :) Zuox.
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@pcserver (395)
20 Mar 10
Thanks a lot. I will see it. I waited for that game for so long that I get bored in the end. i want the whole game - the original, not BETA. I am a big fan of Starcraft and I'd like to see the second starcraft, too. it is so exciting that BETA was released. Probably after some time testing it they will release the whole game, too. I am waiting froward to it. :) Have a nice myLotting :P