running for power!!!

@jorish (18)
March 21, 2010 8:10am CST
why do politicians wants power?why they expenses are no limits!?how can they deal with it after e lection?why they keep on distroying one's reputation for the sake of winning?is this the way we what the next generation will follow!?...
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• Philippines
2 Apr 10
you know why they are doing this? because they want to corrupt, they want to become rich so fast that they will do everything to win the race. All of the politician are dirty players none of them is clean all are dirty. Here in Philippines destroying reputation of the other is the bes tactic that a politician will do to win the race, even vote buying to will do it for the sake of winning! you have no choice but to vote one of them because you really have no choice but to vote you will corrupt less and will truly serve the nation!
@chavezrmc (5766)
• Philippines
2 Apr 10
politicians run not just for power but for prestige and honor. There are corrupt i think lots but then there's always good politicians as well. It is the duty of the citizens, each individual to be on the look out who they are going to vote for. Don't be discouraged we may not be able to change what's happening or the trend in politics but we can always have a say in our way, may it be heard or not at least we do try to be heard.
@raynejasper (2326)
• Philippines
22 Mar 10
..hi.. it is really painful that we experienced the worst kind of politics in our country.. and its more alarming because youths tend to follow footsteps of older people.. our p0oliticians want to be on top on the other.. they want to gain power to govern the nation.. but they always have their hidden agenda why they want to govern the country.. they are greedy.. they are wealthy individuals but they still want more.. had those politicians used their campaign money to give livelihood programs to the poor, it should have been better rather than using their money to buy people.. the sad thing is, the public is also easily enticed by the promises and sweet talks of these politicians.. how I wish we could also stand with what we believe and demand our politicians to be our servants not master.. because that is their motto right? to serve.. however, instead of serving, they want the public to serve them.. few politicians have clean conscience and intention in running for public offices.. most of them want power, fame, honor, and more money.. I'm disappointed to vote.. I hope the next line of politicians who will seat on our government seats will prioritize solving our country's problems rather than doing things for publicity only..