GlobalTestMarket - Scammers???

@js0107 (25)
United States
March 21, 2010 1:00pm CST
Hi Mylotters, GTM has been one of my few best survey sites over the past few years. But lately they seem to be only sending sweepstakes and even the point surveys are too long and offer very very low points. Also, the most irritating part is that they had promised its members that they would introduce Paypal payments in June 2009 and sent an email newsletter for the same and then later nothing happened. When I contacted their support team they said that it would be done in Dec 2009. Now again they seem to have forgotten. Cheque takes about 2 weeks to be processed and atleast 2-3 weeks to reach me, then it has to be deposited and credited. It is such a pain, whereas if it was paypal, then I can transfer to my bank account within 2 days which is very much convenient and at no cost to me at all. What do you guys think, whether GTM is doing the right thing. maybe more members should contact them to introduce paypal faster. Even their blog seems to be dry, looks like this big survey company is going down the drain too. Happy mylotting
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