female hairy chest

March 21, 2010 6:47pm CST
So, I dont actually have a hairy breast in the sense that Im covered in ahir bu I do have a stray hair or two that stand out around the nipple because Im dark haired and toned. Is this normal? How do I stop it without plucking (since it grows back and thinker and faster each time)?
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22 Mar 10
lol....i have the same problem too...where i got few hair in my chest area and around my nipples...but they are not really noticeable....only if anyone is up-close to me or specially look closely to that area...so it's not something i really worry about because it's not obvious or seen-able by anyway...i wish i knew a way to pluck the hair so that they will never grow back..my husband told they have something on the market like that...and that he's gonna get one for me....i would have to ask him what that thing is called....but he told me that i would use it to pluck the hair and it will kill the hair from the root canal/line and never will ever grow back....i hope to get one.