All The Health Care Reform In The World Will Not Solve The Incompetant Doctor

@DCMerkle (1281)
United States
March 22, 2010 4:27am CST
Now, this may seem small when it's compared to having the Health Care Reform Act just passed, but just how much will this change in light of incompetent Dr.'s? It won't matter if you have the best of insurance out there that money can buy if you don't have a Dr. that knows what they are doing. From what I've observed and experienced, all the Dr. is concerned about is how much money they can get for their services and how many of those people can he see in one day. The Dr.'s of today do not keep up on what they were taught in school. Now some of that I can understand. How many of us couldn't wait for summer vacation from school? How many of us did not want to see a book until the following school year? Sadly, for many of the Dr.'s out there this is the same mind set that they have from their primary education days. I read medical journals more than my own Dr.'s do. There has not been one Dr. that I have gone to, in all my years of going back and forth to Dr,'s appointments, where they can tell me about a new form of treatment or research being done in any one field. I have to be the one that brings that to light for them. I've had some that find it helpful, but then there are those take it personal. You know what? They should! It's not my job to know how a medical procedure is done, what equipment will be used, or how much medication will be administered. It's not my job to find out if that hospital even uses a particular technique or where I can go if I do want another technique used. Some Dr.'s won't even give you the option to explore other techniques. It's their way (or the hospital's way) and nothing else. Nor is it my job to ask if they have even gone over the medical reports, tests, or lab results. Gone are the days when you knew that the Dr. had more than a pretty good idea of what you were seeing him about. I don't want a "pretty good idea". I want a %100 guarantee that he or she knows exactly what I am there in his office or sitting in his hospital for. I'm just hoping that when I am sitting in the Dr.'s office, hoping that my insurance will cover whatever I'm in for, and looking for the diploma's, that they were truly earned and continue to be earned. I hope that I will not have to worry if the diploma was just another trophy to be bagged.
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@bonbon664 (3470)
• Canada
22 Mar 10
I can't say enough about my GP, he's a great guy, and is up on the latest treatments, and is open when I bring up things I have heard of. You're looking for a 100% guarantee, sorry, that's not going to happen. Doctors are human beings after all, and mistakes do happen. That being said, doctors are very busy, and are over worked, so, you have to be your own health advocate. You can't be afraid to ask questions, and get a second opinion. There will be doctors who aren't as good as others, but, like anything, you have to do your research.
@DCMerkle (1281)
• United States
22 Mar 10
bonbon664, If you have a great GP, then kudos to you. What I am asking to be guaranteed is that they are truly worthy of what they have learned in all their years of education. That they just didn't make it through the skin of their teeth and are in it just for the money. If they were incompetent in school, than how in god's name did they graduate? I go to them because I was led to believe that they can be trusted with my life. That was what they were trained for wasn't take care of my life and health? I also need to be guaranteed that my level of treatment will not be based on the type of or amount of health insurance I have. That goes back to the Health Care Reform and that's another issue, but I do not need to be reminded that my insurance only allows certain types or forms of treatment per my insurance. That's the 1st thing that Dr.s will look at. Not what I am there for, not where my current health is, but what insurance I have. If that has to be the case then I expect them to be able to carry it out with the same competence and skill that they would give to any other of their patients.