should we create more states or focus on more development

March 22, 2010 7:51am CST
THE closing of the opening three new states estblished in 2000 november states:uttaranchal chhatisgarh and jharkhand _carved out of the big states of uttar pardesh ,madhya pardesh and bhiar respectively . once you look at the basic guideline and parameter that prompted the major recognisation given effect to by the state reorganisation it could be adebate the new states means in term of civil construction upto somewhat we can save but infrastructure and other equippment required seprately so spent cost will be more all this shows that it is immaterial whether a state small or big what is required is a will to govern witrh all sincerity in the world .let every penny mean for development .we have a good manpower . what is required is the right leadership in every state?
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