Self Hypnosis

United States
March 22, 2010 10:52am CST
Has anyone ever tried self hypnosis before? I've been looking into it for quite some time now. Though it's been only recently that I have started doing it a bit more frequently. Mainly to see if it will help myself start having lucid dreams. But I also do it because I have Social Anxiety Disorder and I want to try using it to help myself in that area as well. A few days ago, I was feeling pretty anxious about riding my bike so I gave it a shot and it seemed to help some. Regardless, I was able to go without feeling a whole lot of anxiety. You can find tips and stuff about it all over the internet. That's how I've been learning about it. Do you do it? For what?
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@phoenix8606 (4978)
22 Mar 10
well, hell0! nope,I have never tried a self hypnosis, but also months ago I actually didn't believed in the hypnosis at all, because I thought it is a fake just the quacks to earn some money, but since I have watched some documentary movies and have read some psychology books I know it is real, but still don't want to try it :)
• United States
22 Mar 10
Wow, I think you're the fastest to ever respond to one of my discussions lol. It was relatively recent that I "realized" it's not just for "show", so to speak, myself.
22 Mar 10
well, thanks :) yeah, I also realized that it was not for "show"
@topffer (34126)
• France
22 Mar 10
I was not believing in hypnosis until I saw a friend near me hypnotized during a show. The hypnotizer talked about medical use of hypnosis and made a spectacular demo with a smoker. I think that hypnosis can help a lot of people.
@littleowl (7157)
22 Mar 10
Hi Darth Self Hypnosis is something I have always wanted to try and do but have been worried incase I can't bring myself out of it also have never thought of looking on the net about it either, but will do now. It sounds interesting from the sound of when you had a 'go' at it..will hae to see what happens-LoLo