What's your favorite match from Wrestle Mania 20?

@hbk2244 (180)
United States
March 22, 2010 2:44pm CST
Another show with many good matches including Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle for the WWE Title and Rock in his last match to date, alongside Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista. The top match hands down was Chris Benoit vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels for the W.H. Title. What about you?
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• Australia
23 Apr 10
This was actaully a really good wrestlemania. Most matches I would rate 7 -10 out of 10. Even though you didnt ask this The worst match I have to say was goldberg and Brock lesnar. The crowd was even chanting "This match sucks" I felt bad for the two because they could have really put on a good show in my mind. Guess it just wasnt there night. The main event between Triple H, Benoit and Shawn Michaels is clearly the showstopper on this night. What an amazing match these three had. It is a match not to be missed. It is such a classic, lots of action and a great finish. Coming close to the best would also be eddie vs angle. Amazing match..of course you always got a great match from these two.
@megamatt (14326)
• United States
22 Mar 10
Wrestlemana 20 was good but in my opinion, it pretty much had a lot of the same problems that Mania did for 18(although to be fair, it was not nearly as glaring and the good matches were far superior). Just a few too many matches that should have been on RAW and Smackdown. Did we really need two tag four ways? I understand getting everyone on the show but really now. Plus the ten man Cruiserweight gauntlet was an absolute joke. Then again, WWE never really got booking cruiserweights. They should have just done Rey/Chavo for the belt. The best match, well this is a tough one but I'm going to have to go with Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship. While I did love the main event, I just like straight one on one matches a bit better than multiman matches when the title is on the line. Plus, the finish was some great stuff. Angle was outsmarted by the craftier man. And then the main event, was something that I have been waiting on for years at this point. Chris Benoit won the big one, finally. Not only that, he did it by making Triple H tap out. I really disliked Triple H around this time for many reasons so to see him tap out was satisfying. The ending with Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit celebrating with their belts was bittersweet for the obvious tragic reasons. Still, when it happened, it was satisfying, as I had been following their careers since they showed up in WCW around the time where I started watching wrestling. So a sense, it was special to me as this was two men that I pretty much grew up watching get their due. Also, it was a great match, so that's just a bonus for me. Also a very honorable mention for Christian and Chris Jericho, and the entire Christian/Jericho/Trish Stratus saga in general. I thought that was a great storyline that made sense. Unlike certain storylines written by a certain writer in a certain promotion based out of Orlando who shall remain nameless, when Trish Stratus turned on Jericho and joined with Christian, the swerve made sense in many ways. It was shocking but when you went back and connected the dots over time, from the beginning of the storyline to the final match at Mania 20, it was like "oh yeah, I can't believe I did not see that coming." As opposed to other swerves in wrestling where its like "huh, what the...why?" And it was another good match. I really wished that Christian would have been elevated around this time. He could have been a nice heel challenger to Benoit with the proper build but instead this feud continued until it burned out, thus kind of invalidating what Mania did. Sadly that seems to be the problem with WWE, as they focus everything on Mania and afterwards, they have nothing, so they just fall back on the same feuds. Regardless some complaints, Wrestlemania 20 was a pretty good show. Just barely outside of my top 5 but most certainly in the top 10. It is not without its flaws, but it is fairly entertaining.