What are the amazing things you have ever read?

March 23, 2010 9:38am CST
Think of clever magazines, billboard, or newspaper advertisements that you have seen recently. What is your favourate ads? What was unusual and memorable about it? Why did it appeal to you?
2 responses
• India
23 Mar 10
I read an email sent by one of my friend which had some images of children looking for food in the junk of garbage and it touched me. many people do not realize the importance of the food they are wasting everyday and at the same time some people are struggling for one time meal. even I never realized that small quantity of food left by us is worth for someone. I do not waste any food thereafter.
• China
24 Mar 10
You are absolutely right man! In my country, we can get rice for free when we have fast food. But we always oder more than we can eat, and a lot of food wasted in this way.
• Philippines
23 Mar 10
The image of -friends- here in mylot really appeals to me. the one with 2 cats. the black and the orange cat. it s cuz i see myself as the black cat, always alone, but the orange one leans on it which seems as though it wanted to be with the black one. i see the orange one as my friends. they re always there ready to be with me eventhough our interests never really matched. lol.