well its true and very true---is really the other happy??

@umit_umit (1986)
March 23, 2010 3:24pm CST
well friends,what do you say?it is the starking fact of reality that no body is perfect?and you feel that ythe other has more and more than us?do you agree to this?one of my neighbrourer got mercedes benz of 1.25lakhs$ and we all were like a meak in front of him!i thought in a very very jealous way!but still i went to greet him!after 2 days,my god he cried and said thats whats the use now my kids and wife has left me and i am all alone!really no one is perfect?what do you say?have you got any personal wxperiance to share?
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• Philippines
23 Mar 10
you can strive to be perfect but you ll never be one. your neighbor only has a car but that s it. that s just one part of life. and besides, your neighbor with the mercedes is no match to someone who has a mercedes and a ferari, which means theyre not perfect either. i had an experiance. something like this. only, i envied on a guitar instead. i know the feeling of strongly wanting something that you can t have yet. and now that i already have a job, i saved up and bought myself something better. but these cool and awesome stuff wont make a person perfect. i dont think im perfect. not a thing in the world will actually.
@umit_umit (1986)
• India
24 Mar 10
very ture,friend its only rhe level of satsifaction!well said!