Dont call me sweetheart -.-

March 23, 2010 7:20pm CST
I very much dislike it when people (of any age, unless their my grandmother) call me "sweetheart", "hunny", "darling", "hun", "baby girl", etc. It makes me almost furious, actually. I feel as if your demeaning me and making yourself bigger. For example - "Sweetheart, I think that you should..." Or, "Hey hun..." You are someone that I dont want to hear this from. Why, then, do you do it?!
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
27 Jul 10
Hi, artsfartsygypsy. Many people call me "sweetheart". My dentist calls me "hun".. I don't know why people love calling me this. And a lot of women will call me "sweetie". I guess they think that I am a very nice person. It does not really bother me. Many older women will call me baby too. I can see why you don't like it when people call you "sweetheart", especially if you are not their "sweetheart" at all.
@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
24 Mar 10
People do it because they think they are being friendly and warm. That's why they do use it. It depends in what situation and in which tone would you use it. I would not mind if someone used the word sweethear or hun, unless they are taking me for a ride.