Many people says that Early Morning is the best time for Studies...

@umadper (947)
March 23, 2010 9:26pm CST
What was you experiences about this when you were in school or college days..
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@phoenix8606 (4978)
24 Mar 10
yes, it is true, well maybe not that early, but if we sleep till 9-10 and then get up and study i am pretty sure that we will learn faster and better, because our brain and our organism have recovered from the previous day and they are "fresh" for some more "mental" work! I also know that it is better to learn in the evening before going to sleep, before we can memorize it faster, but only study for a half an hour1
11 Apr 10
well, thank you very much for the BEST that you have given to me. i appreciate that you are agree with me and like my point of view
• Bulgaria
9 Apr 10
Here's my conception of this: To learn something well,you must study a few hours at least.This practise(I'll call it "Morning brain practise")is rather to assimilate something,not to study it. Usually I studied in afternoons and honestly everything was OK.
• United States
27 Mar 10
Early morning studying doesn't work well for me. I guess everyone is different. Last quarter, I didn't have any classes in the morning so I thought that I would wake up early and have breakfast then study in the library before class. I thought it was a good idea but then I ended up falling asleep and not being able to concentrate. I guess morning works for some people but not me.
• Estonia
24 Mar 10
It depends what do you consider "an early morning". Lessons starting at 8:15 am are a little bit too early for me. I am sleepy during the first lessons and my brain doesn't work properly yet. Later I start to wake up and reach a good condition for studying around 10 am.
@myzire72 (1157)
• Singapore
24 Mar 10
My best time to study was after midnight. That time was the quietest moment of the day - everyone was asleep, and there was no much traffic on the roads. Moreover, I used to be a night person and so I still felt very much awake. I found that I was able to concentrate and learned much more as a result.
@ava152007 (645)
• India
24 Mar 10
I think morning time is a good time for study, becouse morning time is much cool and calm, No disturbance of TV, People, and environment is also very fresh.... If you try it once then you want to study in the morning!!! I Loved to study in the morning when I am studying. Now also I love to get up early, it makes my whole day fresh and I get long day to spend........ Good luck!!
@akuler (3537)
• Malaysia
24 Mar 10
hi umadper, I also prefer to study in the early morning because the environment is very encouraging to study. Usually during this time, it is quite because most people still in their dreamland. So there are less disturbance and we can concentrate with our study. I also believe that our mind has much stronger memorization during this time because we just wake up from our long rest and it is much easier for us to receive any information.
@madteaparty (2761)
• Japan
24 Mar 10
Early morning is the time I go to school, so I don't study in the train . Usually the first hour at school I feel too sleepy, so I can't think at all and I never really understand what the teacher is explaining until the second hour, so from my experience early morning is the worst time for studying
@bing28 (3798)
• Philippines
24 Mar 10
Oh yes at dawn or early in the morning maybe makes the best time for studies as it's very calm and quite around. You can concentrate on what you're reviewing. Since you have classes afterwards, what you have studied still fresh in your mind. You can easily recall what you have reviewed.
@redphile (2265)
• Philippines
24 Mar 10
i do that before, i wake up early in the m0rning when everybody was still sleeping and all quiet. I would study for exams.