Boy need help v.s Fear

March 23, 2010 10:30pm CST
Yesterday, me and my friends go in beach for swimming, we enjoying a lot, but suddently there's something bad happen. a little boy drowning in the sea. one girl save that a little boy, but her leg cram, and the girl almost drowning also, but she survive because she know's swimming. and the high school student try to save that girl and a little boy but suddently he almost drowning also... and the a little boy save but he vomiting and he's father trying to save her son by mouth to mouth and her mother cry, no one call an ambulance that day.... and my friends scared and he ran away i don't know why he saw everything and i know he can do well and save that a little boy.... FOR YOU what is the best idea if they happens to you....
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• Philippines
24 Mar 10
It's not clear to me if all the children survived that fateful incident. I just hope they all did. It's good to have swimming skills so that when that happens you can somehow help in saving lives. It's better also to have a proper and ample training in first aid. But the hardest part is to have presence of mind. While you're under training of those sorts you wouldn't wish for that incident to happen so you'll really never know how you'll actually respond in that kind of situation until such time comes.