Curious: Need some tips on how to be a good girlfriend.

March 24, 2010 2:57am CST
I and my boyfriend have been together for about four years now. When we had our first year, we encountered a lot of problems in our relationship. He's a home buddy type while I am a party goer. He always call me and telling me not to go out anymore. But, I sometimes disobey him. If we had arguments, I always defend myself even though I was wrong. So, he just stand still and keep his mouth shut. In dating situation, he spends a lot of money while I spend less. Worst, I even ask money from him if I am broke. The most terrible thing is that I always forget our monthsary and anniversary. He always remind me of that. But it's good I never forget his birthday. Now, i realize that my boyfriend is so good to me ever since. So, i would like to change my bad traits for him. I want to be a good girlfriend. could you please help me in doing that? I mean how could I be a good girlfriend to him? Suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!! Happy mylotting!!
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• India
24 Mar 10
try giving him attention buy him small gifts pamper him spend time with him tell him how much u appreciate him bein so good to u
• Philippines
24 Mar 10
great!! I'll surely follow that.
24 Mar 10
I think the secret to any good relationship is compromise. He sounds a great guy hun, so perhaps you could compromise and maybe not go out so often, and perhaps he could compromise by going out with you.