How can i promote my link or blog?

@dev431 (13)
March 25, 2010 1:10am CST
I am joining a good site and i need to promote more and more but i can't promote it more so if you are tell me how can i promote a link and i earn more money please help me to this matter.I promote it to the traffic exchange site but not enough much more to promote.
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• Philippines
31 Mar 10
Submit your blogs to social bookmarking sites and also to blog directories.
• United States
29 Mar 10
You can also try to write relevant articles related to your site's theme and post them on article websites such as,, and of course You want to create as many backlinks as you can, then your site will show up higher on the SEO search, and hence gives you more visibility, and then more chances to promote.
@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
25 Mar 10
You can promote your blogs through, facebook and friendster so that your contacts can read it, or you can join yahoo answers and find suitable question there which your blogs can relate.
@lauralei (22)
• United States
25 Mar 10
I have not found traffic exchange sites a very good way to promote traffic because those people are not interested in what your site is about and rarely even look at your site. One of the ways to promote your site is to get as many relevant links to your site as possible. You can exchange links with sites. Another good way to do this is by posting comments on other peoples blogs and linking back to yours. Mcklinky helps - this is where you put your link on other sites and each site involved has the same links on it (hard to explain, just check out the site). Also submit your site to search engines,have good relevant links, have good keywords, and have good content - this is the best way to show up well in search engines. Doing this it the best way to have long term traffic.