tell me one of your secret...,i promise i won`t tell any one

March 25, 2010 3:22am CST
In my work place we all use to talk a lot and speak this and that and people always ask my age i always asking back with same question you think how old i am?and may be they say 24 i said yes you are right i am 24 with smiling even my true age is 31sssstttt ...don`t tell any one:)when come talk about family or children,Japanese people always think opposite so to say that you don`t have any children i used word,yes i have 2 children with smiling and they will said no you not or no i don`t believe you:)he...he...i am hiding my real secret when i say the real thing about me.
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• Philippines
25 Mar 10
yeah i do that too. lol. when it s getting too annoying i just say yes to whatever especially nonsense questions like what s your height? have you eaten? were you fat before? lol. id answer them seriously if i have time but if i m really busy or im just not in the mood for nonsense i just say yes. lol