looking at yourself before say this and that to me.

March 25, 2010 12:45pm CST
I just liking some one is nice man to talk to and i like him i don`t know why still as a friend tough then when we meet and seeing each other he always said why your picture more pretty than you i love your picture he said so many time and is hurting me and make me mad,how do i look in the picture or real is was me he like or not that is me right?i am 31 and he is 44 years old 12 years different he should know how to respect woman as i do i never said he ugly i never said he too old for me i never said anything that hurting him or may be i am too good for him all my friend say about that so now...i am thinking how i like the man like him that always make me feel bad better i move a way from him and be friend with every one who is caring and have so much love to share don`t you have same story my friend?
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@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
26 Mar 10
I always have that thing in my mind. I dont like it when I am being told this and that when in fact the other person is also doing the same thing. Sometimes, when I am really mad I point out things but it always turn out wrong cause the person will always say everything has to be balance in my case. Well, of course. Why would it be? I think its unfair to tell somebody this and that when in fact you are doing it yourself. You dont have the credibility so say things that they are suppose to do cause they are not going to believe you cause you are not setting a good example anyway.
• Japan
26 Mar 10
yes i agree with you and is hurting to hear it right...next time i ll bring mirror so they can watch their self before complaining other:)