Would you cut your belly ?

March 26, 2010 7:13am CST
I always wondered about Japanese warriors, they chose honor instead of life, if they were defeated they committed suicide, if they insulted their lords, they committed suicide, if they ashamed someone or themselves they committed suicide, it's not even a joke it's real ! I was thinking how many people would have the courage and chose to stick a blade in their bellies and cut it open ! Now the ritual is something like this, you take a bath, dress up, they serve you your favorite meal, then you sit down and take your wakizashi, a smaller blade than katana, you wrap a cloth on the middle of the blade, witch is on top of a wooden board, then you take the sword and stick it in your belly deep, then make a cut from left to right, spin it and go up, then you bend your head and someone from behind decapitates you, in all this time you are supposed to bear your pain and not show it on your face. Now imagine yourself being a samurai, you ashamed yourself, and now you're expected to commit sepuku (hara kiri), no one MAKES you, it's your choice, would YOU do it ?
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@Cutie18f (9563)
• Philippines
26 Mar 10
But that's too much. Killing one's self for having wronged or shamed someone is just too extreme. I will never do it. I will ask for forgiveness, kneel down, and kiss his a*s but kill myself, no.
• Germany
26 Mar 10
is this still practiced nowadays? i thought maybe it is only in movies or magazines... i have seen old chinese movies doing the same too. The common people as well as the warriors. But i want to believe it is only for the show .. not real thing.