How do you choose happiness?

@Shanyn (28)
March 26, 2010 3:09pm CST
I'm depressed. Most of the time I surround myself with inane distractions so I don't have time to think about the things in my life that make me sad, but there's one thing that always gets to me: people saying "happiness is a choice." I don't understand how people can think a person would choose to be depressed or sad. It doesn't make us feel good. It doesn't get us attention. It doesn't improve our relationships. It really just hurts us and everyone around us. If I could choose to be happy, I would. But emotions are chemical processes in your brain, not light switches to be turned on and off at will. In depressed people in particular, those chemical processes are often so out of whack that it's difficult to feel anything but sadness and disinterest, which is why antidepressants exist. So tell me the secret to choosing to enjoying life....
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29 Mar 10
you just choose to be happy...don't dwell on negative thoughts and negative things. what makes you smile? start from there...and pray, if you have no religion go out and search for something that will inspire you to look at things in a different perspective. i know what i'm saying is not easy, maybe doesn't even make any sense to you..but just give it a shot...just choose happiness, just be happy. life is never an easy ride, there are alwys going be bumpy roads, steep curves and drops and difficult climbs to make but if you can find that melody in your heart and keep in tuned to it... you'll be alright ^^
@Gany15k (1674)
• India
27 Mar 10
I have faced a very hard ....very very hard things.Only my friends know that.They are the one who keeps me happier.In my life I'm gifted to get good parents and caring friends.Yes,it is really hard to see caring friends.So I believe that being with friends will make you feel better in your hard times.Listening to songs also makes better....Life is very short.So just enjoy the life to the most....
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
27 Mar 10
Well you reflects me how i was 2 years before. But later i remade myself to see life at a different way. First just think you get sad or depressed when you have time to think that you are sad. There is a saying, Idle mind is devils workshop thats the thought in your mind. Dont think you are sad or really depressed. Keep yourself occupied. Happiness is the things you love, like and do full hearted. Never think of happy and sad. Life is short, do things with full hearted, playing, dancing,mylotting!!!
@frizvi (98)
• India
27 Mar 10
I understand your situation. Don't get depressed.Try to divert your attention to positive things in life.I always believe that what happens in life is always for good. As per our perception it may be bad or not good. There is no secret to choose happiness but its the believe .One should forget the things which does not make you happy.Take interest in life, get up and start afresh.