I am unable to get an apt solution...what i have to do...help me

March 27, 2010 2:12am CST
I have done my Btech(IT)..But i don't like doing that...I always dreamt of doing my degree n furtherly MBA..also along with MBA,journalism in distance mode...But i ws compelled to do my engineering...right from the starting of the course i faced many problems...I got an year gap in my 4 yrs course..atlast i have completed my engineering..But the problem is i am still having 15 papers yet to be completed..its almost 2yrs tht i finished my course..Now am thinking of taking original certificates from other university for a degree course and producing them for MBA admission...along with my MBA i am thinking of doing a job thereby slowly completing my engineering papers...i know what am trying to do is very complicated...but there is no other option for me...i don't know wht to do
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