My shopping days.

March 27, 2010 11:21am CST
Hi,my dear mylotters.I keep on shopping these 2 days.I bought a lot of clothes for the coming summer.At first I don't know why and have no realization only but I can't stop it.Then tonight I realize it is bcz of my emptiness.At this moment I think I'm feed up with my crazy deed of shopping and it is time for me to end.Do u have the same experience?
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• United States
27 Mar 10
I don't shop when I feel this way. I tend to over eat to fill the space. I have been shopping as well. I have been buying a little here and a little there. I have to buy som more bottoms though.
• China
28 Mar 10
Hi,giftsand,I understand ur feeling,bcz sometimes I over eat 2.Thnx 4 ur response.Have a nice day my friend.
29 Mar 10
Im the same, usually when there is one thing missing I end up shopping a lot more than I usually would, the latest was being out of work for 6 months, I went shopping whenever I could, which obviously ate into my savings, so strange considering that when I have regular money coming in I dont usually go shopping that much, but when I have no money coming in thats all I do, I wouldnt exactly say that I feel empty, but was definately bored a lot, and shopping filled that for me.