The Funniest Thing Your Favorite Pet Did

@raulj1 (111)
March 28, 2010 5:07am CST
Hi, pet lovers? What's the funniest thing your favorite pet did?
4 responses
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
28 Mar 10
Well, its my 3 months old pup, who is very naughty and it does always bite the things is sees. Once when my mom is turning her the mixie, it was watching the sound and once she turned off, and she left the plug on the table.Our Champ took it and ran away, rather we found the plug and wire at different direction, my dad took it and replaced it with a new one.! very naughty his name is Champ!
@di44ito (496)
• Bulgaria
28 Mar 10
I think that the funniest thing that my dog did was one time when i was eating and my dog and my little cousin came to me and started trying to get my plate and to eat my meal and i started to laugh and to give to them both from my meal because otherwise they wouldn`t live me alone. :D
@overwith (101)
• United States
28 Mar 10
I'm not sure that anyone else will think this is funny but everyone in our house laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes. We had only had our dog for about a month and he had been mistreated before we got him so he was very skittish at first. We gave him more attention and many treats as a way of letting him know that touch was a good thing. He has come a long way now, but to get to the subject at hand. Being that he would never act out because of the way he was treated before we were surprised to hear him sounding like he was fighting with another animal or even attacking someone. As I said this just was not him. When we would go to look he was just standing there on our porch looking up the hill so we would bring him in for the night. This went on for about a week and the same thing every single night. After about the fifth night we just stood at the window and watched when we heard the so called attack (in fact it was) he was attacking our mop. I hang it out so the wind can blow it and it will stay dry and he was having fight with it. Sorry it took so many words but I get a little talkative when it comes to my baby.
• Philippines
28 Mar 10
My dog jumped in a public pool filled with people i dont know. the staff replaced the water after that cuz no one wanted to swim with the water my dog was in.