Playstaion 3 VS. Xbox 360. Which one should I buy?

March 28, 2010 7:46am CST
I am amazed on the graphics of the ps3 but I'm still confused because blue ray disk are way too expensive. On the other hand xbox 360 is almost as good as the ps3 in terms of graphics and in fact xbox 360's games are much cheaper. Which do you prefer, PS3 or Xbox360?
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• United States
25 Dec 10
Xbox 360's games are not cheaper, they are the same price. If I were you I would get the PS3. I got the PS3 and it was way cheaper than if I had bought an Xbox. The Xbox's $60 charge for Xbox live is ridiculous. I use the PSN and it is just as good and it is free!
@LDalayap (25)
• Philippines
20 Sep 10
ive got a ps3 and a xbox 360 but believe i rather waste my time playing god of war 3(ps3 game) rather that playing gears of war(xbox 360 game) in terms of durability slim ps3 is the best you can play maximum of 12 hrs (but i dont recommend that i already do 8hrs straight finishing god of war) xbox have many problem regarding on heat and you can just play 2hrs of it then heat youll get worrid if you console gain too much heat and it can cost problem so if i where you go to ps3 one more thing you can play online free not like on xbox there is a annual fee to play online and thats too bad :)
• United States
13 Jul 10
i think u should buy PS3 because it gives u free internet if u have x box graphics is ok ok so i think u shoulkd by ps3 u can lsn songs on that wach movies chat on face book twitter an ol it has great features
@nocturn98 (956)
• Venezuela
28 Mar 10
I think PS3 is the more powerful machine but if you want to save money in games, you should get the 360. You can just get them for free in torrent sites. Either way, most games that comes out of the PS3 also comes out for the 360.