Can money make you happy?

@sakral (70)
March 28, 2010 7:58am CST
How do you think? Can money make you happy? I think that they are not the most important thing to make you and your family happy, but if you have more money you will be more happy. Don't you think that money is dung that can make beautiful flowers blossoming?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
7 Jun 10
Well not permanent happiness, a best thing can make me happy is all the nature that makes me feel pleasant and naturally brings happiness
• Philippines
29 Mar 10
Yes, absolutely money can make me happy. I can have so many things that I want with money, so it absolutely can make me happy.
@drshav (205)
• Philippines
28 Mar 10
Of course money can make people happy and i myself can say yes it makes me happy because i can buy anything i want and go to different places. Without money you wont be able to get what u want. But it does not necessary mean that money should be the center of ones happiness. There are some people whos already rich, got lost of money but still they are not happy. They still feel something is lacking. If u have lots of money u become greedy and they forgot that some other things can make them happy as well.
@phoenix8606 (4978)
28 Mar 10
hell0! well, it depends on that what can make you happy, because if some material things like clothes, cars, houses and other things like that can make you happy then it can. for me they can, because if i buy a house this would make me really happy. but money can't make me that happy as love can, because love makes not only the eyes happy, it makes my heart and my mind happy too!
@obe212003 (2302)
• Philippines
28 Mar 10
Money in some sense gives happiness as we're able to provide or acquire things of necessity in our lives,but it is nothing as compared to those things that you don't have to buy, like a simple smile, little hug, a simple kiss...
@longbangod (1791)
• Philippines
28 Mar 10
Of course I would be very hypocrite if I will say no. Money can definitely make me happy though its not the only thing that could make people happy but things seems to follow accordingly when you have lots of money.
@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
28 Mar 10
Yes i believe with money i can get lots of happiness , but meanwhile i have to maintain my health.