Walk in the wilderness to overcome the devil, is it necessary today

United States
March 28, 2010 9:49am CST
Sometimes I have to wonder what we have given up to live in this multimedia world that we live in today. Recently I was looking up a few facts about advertising and how our modern culture has been influenced by some of the worst people in modern history. How corporate greed and advertising has used subliminal messages to actually unknowingly attack our minds to try and stir feelings in us one way or another. Its done not only in politics but also in kids movies, commercials and magazine ads. What would it take to undo all the things we are exposed to subconsciously? It seems that for most religious Icons Jesus, Buddha they realized that they had to return to nature to clean their minds of societies influence. Is a week of rugged camping and hiking enough to clear our minds or if it took 40 days back than would we have to spend years to undo all the damage of our multimedia world. Whats your thought on this?
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