EGO - How do you love me? Let me count the ways [ Love Guide ]

March 28, 2010 11:32am CST
At the blazing core of first romantic rumbling is EGO. Perhaps cupid misses the mark when he aims his little arrow at Quarries' heart. People fall in love with people in whose eyes they behold the most ideal reflections of themselves. Would-be lovers should be thrilled that ego makes the world go around, because Quarries' egos are very vulnerable targets. There are multifarious ways to make your Quarry feel beautiful, strong, handsome, charming, dynamic, or however he or she wants to feel. There are big-stroke compliments, little-stroke caresses, and a myriad of deliciously devious means your Quarry feel special. Subtle procedures can convince Quarries what they've suspected all along: " I am different. I am wonderful. And to thank you for recognizing this amazing fact, I'll fall in love with you." Everyone also hungers for security and validation. We seek protection in our primary relationship from the cruel, cruel world.
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@samson1967 (7422)
• India
27 Apr 10
Loving a person WHOLEHEARTEDLY is not Edging God Out(EGO). If I love you all alone forgetting other beloved ones than it is a EGO.