PTC earning plan

United States
March 28, 2010 3:19pm CST
I have read discussions about how to organize the PTC sites you are a part of, and whether or not to treat clicking as a business, but do you have an actual plan to earn money? Do you write down how much you need in a given week or month and get to work on it? Do you have a plan as to how much you want to earn from each site or how to maximize your earnings? I have a desire to work at home, and while I know that I will only be able to earn pocket money from PTC sites, it would be great if I can figure out how to maximize my earnings from each site. I do have lots of information about each PTC site on excel spreadsheets that includes how much I click per day and what I earn from that, but it seems like that is a little too time consuming. Any tips or tricks will be greatly appreciated!
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