puling up a change.

March 29, 2010 3:39am CST
i have been trying to pull up some changes in my life now but still i cant get to the bootom line.the answer is pretty clear.i have to strive hard but some still reamins a big problem for me.i cant of think that i would have o change fully to a person who is capable of earning it rather than being myelf and earning it.i get this concept just because i kind of feel that it would be a lot easier to get to the prize if i just become the person who had the capability to earn it but the very moment when i am writing this i feel its better to be the person who i am supposed to be as thats how it is supposed to be and not to become someone else but still i find it difficult tofind a way to reach the prize.probabaly i would have to wait till the time comes when i change automatically as fate means and get near the prize but still i might be late.like u know.getting a range rover when i am 80.i want it right now.
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• Philippines
29 Mar 10
All of us want to change for the better. atleast i want to. i wanna be successful, thus, i have started my own business. it should be the same for you too. if you wanna change, take the action to change. stop thinking about 'what could go wrong?' you'll learn it if you move now.