Does Jenny deserve Forrest Gump?

@lady1993 (20400)
March 29, 2010 4:03am CST
NO, a big NO... Jenny and Forrest were best friends before but Jenny grew to be a selfish and immature girl and certainly did not deserve Forrest. But at least she introduced Forrest to his son- after Forrest went through all the trouble looking for Jenny. It would have been nice if Forrest found a woman who loved him as much as he loved her. And besides, it is very rare that people end up with their first love...
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@Shavkat (65887)
• Philippines
29 Aug 12
Jenny deserves Forrest, she was loved by him unconditionally.
@lady1993 (20400)
• Philippines
8 Dec 12
Yeah Forrest did love jenny so much, but I don't think Jenny deserved him at all.. Sure she makes him happy sometimes, but she just leaves him, many, many times.. I don't know what's her problem..
@nocturn98 (956)
• Venezuela
29 Mar 10
Jenny knows she doesn't deserve forrest. It is the reason why she left when everything seems going well for them. But forrest loved her anyway, that's what matters.
• Malaysia
30 Mar 10
I think Jenny and forrest have opposite attraction, that is why they are so different but in the end they are connected because deep inside they feel need each other like best friend.
@marguicha (103628)
• Chile
5 Dec 12
I just read your post, friend, and I think that this is something that I was not interested in asking myself. We never deserve the people that love us, because love has nothing to do about deserving. I think, anyway, that Jenny loved FG as much as she was capable of loving. The proff of it is that she went back to him at the end.
@Ritchelle (3797)
• Philippines
11 May 10
i agree with you but jenny needed somebody like forrest gump to remind her that in the end it isn't just what you want but what you need. in the end she needs to be sick and die before she realized this. she ignored fate's manipulation of their paths crossing each other over and over again. unfortunately, sometimes i think even fate knows what one needs. sadly, the last one to know what we really need is ourselves.
• Indonesia
30 Mar 10
jenny only pursue his ambition to become a famous, but ultimately more famous forest. their love is often hampered