i dont know what to do, but i feel i have wasted money!!!

United States
March 29, 2010 5:07pm CST
ok so i love ebay, big fan of ebay, and bought a few laptops that they claim is nothing wrong with them, but i filed a complaint and got my money back and got to keep the laptops,... my problem is i have a apple ibook and it is not able to be updated and this causes me many problems.. because of alot of programs i want to go to, do not support lower programs, like everything now is for snow leaopard, and i dont have a processor in this ibook, so there for i can not upgrade, does any one have any thoughts on what to do !!
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• United States
31 Mar 10
ebay might have good or bad stuff , i mean quality . so always buy electronic stuff from the store . i love ebay but i use it to buy books or things which i need . so good luck next time and call best buy store or walmart they can help
• Singapore
30 Mar 10
Well, you still got your money back, so why do you feel that you have wasted money? As for your other problem, I don't think an iBook will be able to support running Snow Leopard. I believe the iBook do not run on an Intel processor, which is much more advance than the one on the iBook. The only option left is to get a new MacBook.
@peaseniz (95)
• United States
29 Mar 10
If you can't upgrade to snow leapord because the processor is not fast enough on the laptop then there really isn't much you can really do. The problem with macs is that they don't sell parts to upgrade them or anything which is why PC's are more popular. You could try going into an apple store or something and asking them but that is about it there is nothing that I know of that you yourself can do.