Desperate to change my life!

@Vijit9 (10)
June 4, 2006 12:49pm CST
Hello everybody!, I am a desperate person who wants to change my life! I have been a defeated person all my life. For example...In school I studied( I just finished school!) I was not allowed to do the IB diploma programme and was kicked out. To be honest, I actually planned to commit suicide,because Life is really horrible! I just want to change my life! But I jave one talent cricket, and I am trying very hard... I play for a cricket Club where I am staying...but I want to play for a famous cricket. I am quite good at acting! So if anybody who is related to cricket please sent me an e-mail and if somebody related with acting please to sent me an e-mail. My e-mail is If anything doest happen.....I might be in heavan! please please please please! I want to change my life!
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@aquarian83 (1944)
• United States
20 Oct 06
u still need help??
16 Jun 06
hello! im interested in reading ur writing but im sorry if i dont speak english fluently. i juz wanna give my suggestion. pls dont give up coz i believe u have so many things to do in ur life. dont u have somebody who love u? i believe u have! pls dont make them disappointed. try ur best n pray to god. naybe u can also join a club that u interested in n making friends there. so u know that people still need u. cu n takecare..