case of being bullied

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March 29, 2010 11:16pm CST
a teenager currently hanged herself because of this. even princess aiko of japan, the only child of the country's crown prince and princess, is prone to this. she had reportedly been absent for a while since fear of bullying caused her stomach aches. i have nothing in support of those bullies but it makes me wonder why children are being bullied in the first place. i mean even if they came from a large family this is a great environment to learn to stick up for one's self, right? in the case of onlies i think it is plain parental instinct to teach one's kid what to do had he or she experienced bullying.
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30 Mar 10
bullying is every where its just the matter of ignoring them and let them tired doing that. besides one best thing is to return to them what they do like telling them that she are more pretty or more powerful than them and they are just jealous. some kids used to bully someone out of jealousy, coz they feel that the other one is more pretty or smart or etc. and they just want to be more well know in school than anyone, so if they saw someone better they will bully them. when i was a child i used to be super skinny maybe because of my height too, they call me bamboo tree, a walking stick or skeleton. once i walk down they will call me a walking skeleton, i just ignore them and theres one time that i hit one of them with the stone and pull her head in the toilet bowl. and i went home and tell my mother about it and so my mother accompany me to school and report them to the principal, and so since then no one bully me again. thats also the time that i started to create friends to have many of us against them so they cant touch us. but now that i grown up, i received a lot of offer to be a model, only then i realize than being slim and tall and im sexy. then when i got home i look a them and they are nothing but fat, im the one whose laughing at them and they cant even look at me.
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31 Mar 10
i salute and congratulate you for that. talk about fate turning the tide...