Paid2youtube and Gagabux compared

@mkannanm (582)
March 30, 2010 8:49am CST
Hi friends, I could see some similarity of Paid2youtube and Gagabux. Both of them are started with 14+ ads worth $0.01. Paid2youtube was not able maintain their ad rate and introduced cheap ads. After doing this, number ads worth to $0.01 became almost zero per day. Earning 15-20cent per/day has gone and now earning from Paid2youtube is only 1 cent per/day. And number of payment proof also gone down. Gagabux started with high ads rate but facing many issues on server. If this continue for long time then advertiser will not invest in Gagabux. This may effect in reduction of ads or introduction of cheap ads. May be it is too early to start imaging this, but lifetime of any PTC is becomming very short. So what to you think? Is it fine to take above steps to run Gagabux without becoming as scam?
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• India
18 May 10
Yes there are lot of similarities. They have similarities in not paying for month. I have requested a payout in Paid2YouTube after reaching $10 before 33 days. They haven't paid me. I have requested $2 from gagabux before 28 days. Gagabux haven't paid me till now.