finding a friend

@willy6 (492)
March 30, 2010 5:46pm CST
For many of us life we cannot stay alone when some people do not have friends around them it is a lonely episode It is very good to have good friends around us but for us to have a good friends we must first be a friend Some people tried to be a friend for the wrong reason that is the reason why one must be wise in choosing a friend It is very wise if we seek friend who has the same interest as us to have a lasting friend one must not go over board go very slow and tried to find out the most essential thing about the person you want to be your friend
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@setsuna26 (2410)
• Philippines
31 Mar 10
One funny thing is sometimes we tend to find friends in the most strange places. Like just strollingg down the mall, buying some stuff or even just walking home the next person to you might just ask for what time is it and before you know it your talking about lots of stuff already ;)
• India
31 Mar 10
You come across lots of people in ur life and u cant say all of them are friends. Every person has many number of friends but everyone has only one close friend that is the Guy who really has a character which u likes. So search for a friend who longing for u and the character which u like much.
• Philippines
30 Mar 10
Hello Willy, You are right finding a real friend is quite difficult. We may encounter lots of people around, some of it may become our acquaintances, but not all of them will become our friend. But once you find them, make sure you are going to keep them and treasure them, by being a real friend also. showing them that you are there even when they have problems. Take care and Have fun mylotting red_amethyst