have you started discussions that almost like the others?

March 30, 2010 6:45pm CST
Lately I wrote a new discussion and felt so ashame because when i saw some of the related discussions it's almost the same as mine. Is there a way to avoid that? I'm afraid that one day one of the members will pm me and tell me how upset they are for posting a discussion like theirs because I myself will eel the same if that happen to me. What do you thinl is the best thing to do when this happen again?
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• China
31 Mar 10
Hi,there.It seems that I haven't come across this so far.But I just feel when I have a topic and decide to write it down sometime then I will find it soon.Well, I have to say maybe is so called "a close rapport".I don't know how to avoid this but I think you can search it when you want to post a topic.