A cell phone without data plan, useless don't you think?

United States
March 30, 2010 8:40pm CST
A co - worker of mine, recently purchased an iPhone, and he was totally curious about the feature of this so - called iPhone. It was cool, and touch - screen. He shown around at work, and he only use it to make calls, and load it with mp3 and listen on his cell phone. I was wondering if he sign up with the data plan, then he told me, that he doesn't need it, because it is going to cost him $30 more per month. So, a iPhone without a data plan is totally waste, don't you think? He should choose another phone instead of an expensive iPhone.
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• Philippines
2 Nov 11
If he has a data pay per use then I think it is alright (but having a fixed price data feature is much more cheap if he is going online) but if he enrolled in data block then the iphone will be a total waste. :)
• Philippines
2 Nov 11
oh, if your friends is using ATT, there is $25 data feature for 2GB and $15 data feature for 200MB. They don't offer the Unli data for $30 anymore ;)
@pkpb97 (28)
• United States
11 Jun 10
Yes that would be a total waste, and an iTouch would have been better spent money... however your coworker must not have looked into the iPhone deal very much because AT&T makes it a requirement to sign up for a data plan when you get the phone whether you want to or not... without purchasing a data plan, you can not activate the phone. However now with the new iPhone 4 they do not require you purchase unlimited data... in fact that will not even be offered anymore. You will, however have to pick from one of two different data plans.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
6 Jun 10
I just bought an iphone and even though I will hardly ever use the data plan, I decided to take it anyway. I mean I would like to get some of th applications - the free ones, I mean. And unless one goes and surfs a lot, that $30 extra will not hurt as much as it will when you go and decide to find something on the net and have to pay as you go. If you do not use the data, get a cheaper phone.
• Hong Kong
31 Mar 10
Yes, I think getting an IPhone but no data plan is a waste! It is obvious that Iphone is common used to surf the Net and some iphone apps needs the support of data transfer, if there is no data plan, the apps cannot function well. Although some data plan may be quite expensive, but I think it is worth spending money on it because you can get connect with froends on the web even when you go out for a walk or other things else.